Thankful Thursday: June 20, 2013

It's Thursday morning
swirling around this house to prepare for our day
and swimming lessons
and finding oatmeal breakfast on my toes...*sigh*

I'm Thankful For:

-fresh strawberries
-family walks
-friend visits
-birthday cake
-dinosaur parties & good friends
-my amazing Mr. H who helped my party vision come to reality
-summer sunsets
-afternoon naps
-changing my mind & finding the better choice
-swimming lessons
-faithful, strong mothers in my midst
-fire pit fun
-grilled burgers by Dad
-Father's day joy (and bow ties!)
-our hand-me-down couches
-9 years since our engagement!
-my brother's new job
-my Mom's tireless efforts for all of her children
-instant communication
-the power of a journal
-our summer plans
-gorgeous Minnesota lakes
-little yellow birds
-hopping, playful rabbits
-almost-3-year old sentence structure 
-5 year old questions
-18 month old new words ("Thank you"!)
-the abundance around me
-tooth paste
-ease of gathering information
-morning cuddles
-small things that confirm our relationship with a loving, mindful Father in Heaven

Feeling Thankful on this 20th of June--you?

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