Thankful Thursday: June 27, 2013

Oh June...

Your whirlwinds & pounding rains
sang us to sleep

Your bright sunny mornings
dried it all out again

Your warm humid days
drew us out to the lake

Your frosting topped cake
gave us reason to sing

And now here we are
so close to your end.
Thank you, dear June
for all that you gave!

I'm Thankful For:

-google calendar
-brief kayaking adventures
-new (Fleet Farm sale!) life jackets
-safety in the storm
-Mr. H's willing hands & heart
-Saturday projects
-the power of decluttering
-vinyl owls
-fresh, plump strawberries
-the bonds that strengthen us (sisterhood/visitingteaching/relief society)
-visits from friends
-a guest space to offer
-the secret beauty in the midwest
-our screen door
-Miss N's new words & games
-Mr N's shaggy curls & songs
-Mr J's drawing & whistles
-air conditioning
-girls night before friends move away
-big firsts (J's first Primary talk)
-little firsts (Miss N's first official nursery day)
-2 weeks of swim lessons
-questions to answer
-moments of clarity
-generous friends & family 
-google maps (planning our July travels)
-Mr. H's travel job
-the uplift of brilliantly beautiful music
-our home
-God's promises

June is closing up shop--thankful thoughts?

1 comment:

Miles said...

I dont think id recognize your kids if they walked by me. Thats a hint to blog :). It sounds like you guys are an active outdoorsy fam. Good on ya for braving the world with 3 littles!