Thankful Thursday: June 6, 2013

Let me explain.
No--there is too much.
Let me sum up.**

Today is Thursday & I'm Thankful For:

-my hard working Mr. H who finished both east & west side fences in the last week 
-the magic of an electric drill (see above)
-softly bouncing raindrops
-open window weather
-jacket & rain boot weather
-dear friends who give their time in our behalf
-new friends to help along their way
-new projects to distract my time
-parties to plan (!!)
-the moments to look back and remember
-the moments to look forward and hope
-hugs from my three littles
-our recliner (for middle-of-the-night-rocking with a teething toddler)
-sale bins
-snail mail
-Sunday mornings
-clean drinking water
-Mr. H's home weeks
-summer plans
-bow ties
-craigslist finds
-surprise packages
-my grandfather whose D-day stories never dim in my mind
-our beautiful country
-the roof over our heads
-opportunities to give to those whose roofs have been taken by storm
-the power of serving
-the truth in a child's observation
-my almost-5 year old's desire to be involved, hugged, and eat food all day long
-my almost-3 year old's interest in doing it his way, sneaking toys in his pockets, and following his brother all day long
-my almost-18 month old's fascination with scarves, craving exploration (& avocados), and serious nose blowing skills
-my God who knows me & loves me for me and who He knows I can become

Feeling thanks today?

**Extra points if you can name that movie

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Jen said...

Buttercup is marry Humperdink!