Thankful Thursday: July 4th {posted on the 6th}

July starts out with a 
doesn't it?

A day off work (or more than a day?)
lists of to-do's
and pop-crash-bang
all around the city
sounds of people
with sparkles, food, and noise.

I'm Thankful For:

-music in the park (just down the road) for me & my littles to enjoy a little jazzy jazz
-little friends with smiles and creative minds
-a day full of hugs & goodbyes
-the amazing people who come into my life & teach me so much (and then leave...but always stay in my heart and mind!)
-inspired parents with a vision of faith and the work building of proactive, education-based homes
-grill nights (with new friends! holla!)
-Mr. H getting home from a very long week (and bringing home a steak dinner to share)
-beautiful weather (sun, wind, blue skies!)
-healthy, happy children
-our yard to let them roam free(ish)
-cozy pajamas and cuddle mornings
-5th Sundays (a little break for the RS presidency!)
-coconut oil
-life jackets
-black olives
-funny people (just re-discovered Jim Gaffigan, and also? a local duo who we love!)
-hair cuts for everyone
-marking things off the list
-photos of places and people that I love
-the ease of trip planning (google maps, google dogs, google searches)
-a washer & dryer that works
-our big, white box fan
-swim suits
-oxyclean, bleach cleaner, and wipes (a rough week!)
-post cards in the mail (most thoughtful friends!)
-fireworks on a hill with friends
-three happy, excited littles during the fireworks
-Dr. Seuss
-our yellow kayak & "our" lake
-summer sunsets
-our strong, beautiful, free country & the chance to joyfully celebrate: God Bless 'Merica

I'm a day (or two!) late on this post,
but I'm here & I'm Thankful!


Emily Johnson said...

Thankful for the ease of trip planning? I hope this means that everything is falling into place for you without too much stress. P.S. Google is awesome.

Sharalea said...

Emily--to clarify, I think trip planning is a stressful, crazy, mind-numbing, sleep-loss-causing BEAST. And I'm exhausted from it!

BUT! This is a thankful I AM thankful that we don't have to use pay phones along the way, call every hotel, and use an atlas to figure out how long between stops. :) So's A LOT easier than it was 20 years ago!

Also I'm thankful for Trevor's job that is providing many free lodging/food along the way (not to mention gas) since he'll be doing work too!

Katie Bradley said...