Thankful Thursday: August 15, 2013

Busy days and starry nights
just how I like them.

Full of thanks, 
and I've got some streamers to put around a door way before I fall into bed (tomorrow! birthday!)...
so let's jump into it:

I'm Thankful For:

-a successful week of 'the boys room' (boys sleeping in same room...actually SLEEPING!)
-new gloves for weed picking & block building w/kids
-the almost-finished gate (crowning piece of the privacy fence project!)
-Mr. H's willingness to try new things (he replaced a screen on know, why not)
-yard sale finds
-toenail polish & shaved legs
-richly flavored food (before we started our fitness challenge this week)
-little girls in pajamas & pigtails
-little boys wearing batman underwear (backwards)
-big boys showing off his mechanical inventions
-Mr. H's work ethic (drove 12 hours + 8 hour work days in three days)
-our new outdoor chalkboard
-the hours spent outside this week (perfect weather!)
-plenty of water 
-uplifting music
-the times I stop and LISTEN with all of my attention
-skype with my Mama
-new parks to explore 
-our washer & dryer (that have gotten a work out this week between 3 vomiting days & potty training accidents!)
-birthday energy to share
-my fitness pal (keeping track of things is one of my favorite things to do)
-reminders of truth
-friends who naturally step into action
-photos that capture a feeling
-connecting with others (even if our "get togethers" are via texts/online chatting)
-little yellow rose earrings
-Miss N's determined furrowed brow
-Mr. N's wide eyed wonder
-Mr. J's willingness to go & do
-my kitchen counters
-people who are passionate about learning/teaching (and that they are going to be involved in J's adventures in kindergarten!)
-these last sweet weeks of togetherness
-reminders to breathe
-relief from back pain
-miracles in terrifying moments
-the angels around us that we never see

I'm off to decorate for 
Thankful too?

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