Thankful Thursday: August 22nd, 2013

My eyes are tired
my feet are tingly
my hair is pulled back
and my legs are prickly.

It's Thursday night 
and I'm ready to think Thanks.

I'm Thankful For:

-the quick connecting of online magic
-the ease of changing plans
-the brilliance of birthday candles
-the glee in gift-receivers eyes
-the creative magic of legos (we have arrived)
-the cleanliness of freshly washed sheets
-the fun of busy days
-the excitement in adding your own sprinkles
-the blessings of temple service
-the energy in getting together with friends
-the reminders of the good things
-the first time to do a 3-legged race
-the holding tight moments
-the reasons to smile
-the reminders of reality
-the ways to learn life is dirty and crazy but so worth it
-the people who open their homes to new friends
-the downtime with inspiring women (friends time, visiting teaching)
-the much anticipated arrival of Uncle Tyler
-the easy going well visit (50% across the board: Mr. N)
-the unloading chats during a brisk morning walk
-the connections that allow us to feel compassion
-the adventure at the Science museum
-the quiet of naptime
-the uplift of piano playing in my living room
-the fun of seeing brothers together
-the deliciousness of Salmon burgers (a first!)
-the scale creeping down
-the delectable peach pies from Granny Rose
-the scale not creeping up
-the things I learn on pinterest (like how to correctly use a bobby pin!!)
-the happy morning smiles from my peach-eating 20 month old
-the happy afternoon smiles from my potty training 3 year old
-the happy evening smiles from my lego-building 5 year old
-the best hugs from my hard working Mr. H
-the way my heart feels after a good day of play, getting things done, and spending time with favorites
-the hum of the fan
-the flicker of a candle
-the assurance of truth

I'm Thankful. It's Thursday. You?

1 comment:

Miles said...

Oh my heck! I cant for the life of me figure out how to use a stinkin bobby pin! And until now, ive been too embarassed to confess it!