Thankful Thursday: August 8th, 2013

I woke up earlier than usual
(usually my littles & I roll out of bed about the same time)
to get some things straightened, put away, 
organized, cleaned up, & dusted.

It's Thursday, after all.

Which is the day (typically) that my handsome Mr. 
gets home from his out-of-town work week...
so I like to get things a bit spiffy
before he walks in the door.

Today started sprinting and ended full.
I'm tired & grateful.

I'm Thankful For:

-easy going well visits (growing kids!)
-late night talks & changing perspectives
-more work done on the fence (Mr. H is unreal)
-days to unravel from the tightly knit trip
-4 weeks with Mr. H--together every.single.night.
-busy get-alot-done Saturdays
-sweet Sunday morning family time
-a break from the noise
-friendly, inspiring smiles
-carrot cake (back to healthy food starts next week, folks)
-temple time
-dinner plates & napkins
-down time with friends (I've missed my friends!)
-meeting Cat in the Hat with friends
-free food & games with neighborhood energy 
-sprinkled walk homes
-aha moments
-little squeals around my house
-pigtail curls
-superman underwear
-1st day of kindergarten paper chain
-people who care
-photo prints
-birthday parties
-J's room morphing into 'the boys' room' successful bunk bed night at a time
-amazingly cool August days 
-sunshine dancing on the tree leaves
-the calming result of prayer

That's it for now...feeling thankful?

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