Thankful Thursday: September 12th, 2013

I'm Thankful For:

-my supportive, strong, amazing, encouraging, patient Mr. H
-our strong, independent, jumping-all-over, learning-to-read Mr. J
-our thoughtful, curious, fixer-upper, sing-songy Mr. N
-our brave, exploring, hummus-eating, pigtail waving Miss N
-lessons in simplicity
-my foundation of who I am, given to me by my parents & God
-my in-laws kind & generous hearts
-our home 
-afternoon chats in the sunshine
-hot, clean water
-friends who reach out 
-yard sale finds
-this land o' many lakes
-recipe inventions
-apple trees
-my camera & all the moments digitally archived
-husband home weeks
-pinterest ideas
-fall scents, breezes, and cardigans
-pre-schoolers fingers covered in shaving cream (a 'clean mess')
-kindergartener stamping out number sequences
-toddler explosion of giggles
-little lashes on sleeping faces
-library reads
-getting to hold my dear friend's babe in my arms
-hangin' out with strong, inspiring women
-living close to everything I need (left at 7:50pm, out to the car with my purchased Costco cart by 8:10pm--with kids in tow)
-holding hands with my Mr.
-the basic (very, very basic) piano skills that allow me to play for my family to sing together
-that awesome chalk board
-two successful weeks with our first pet

That's all for now. You?

1 comment:

Amber D. said...

I'm grateful that I know another awesome mother that's just starting out and homeschooling her Kindergartener and Preschooler and Pre-Preschoolers, just like me :)