Thankful Thursday: September 19th, 2013

Just realized I posted this on the family blog instead of here! Oops!

From Sept 19th...
I'm Thankful For:

-Sis. Linda Burton and the opportunity to glean from her experience & service
-moments of clarity
-family fun Saturday (Como Zoo!)
-saving gas/time by carpooling
-Sat night {stake conf} date night 
-endless shrimp
-soft seats
-recognizing truth
-a challenge to read scripture daily {yes we can!}
-dear friends + newborns
-homemade apple treats
-babysitters who love my littles
-phone calls with my traveling man
-pre-school smiles
-kindergarten theories
-toddler escapades
-nap time (!!)
-spiderwebs with glistening drops
-new friends + new parks 
-bandaids (for a N's big knee scrapes & a J's little toe scrapes)
-1am cuddle time with Miss N
-notes in my mailbox
-thunder storms & the sunshine that appears afterwards
-our little town (parade tonight!)
-more homemade apple treats
-peace in quiet time
-the power of a thank you card
-my 15+ year old hand-me-down couches (despite their not-at-all-my-style-floral-design)
-backpacks & lawn chairs
-family hugs
-little folded arms
-bath time bubbles
-answered prayers

I'm Thankful! It's Thursday! You?

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