Thankful Thursday: September 26th, 2013

Sometimes even when the sun is shining
there is a covered corner
Sometimes even with giggles are dancing in the breeze
there is a hurting heart
Sometimes even with blessings overflowing
there is a discontented detail
Sometimes even with beauty all around
there is an eye that cannot see.

Sometimes I feel it.
This week has been one of those weeks.
And so, to gratitude I turn to whittle it all down
and stretch my soul to match 
that misplaced piece
of calm.

I'm Thankful For:

-cool, fall breezes from my living room all the way to my bedroom
-pancake dinners 
-the Mr. getting home after a long week
-the squeals in my house when Daddy walks in
-a brand new, highly functioning garbage disposal
-mint green
-naps in the grass
-swinging 'up to the sky'
-watching racers, builders, diggers, & splashers in action
-new friendships
-insightful, strong, question-answering parent educators from whom I can soak up information
-cuddles with the littlest
-forgiveness (and tootsie roll messages)
-the conversations I get to hear while my littles learn new things
-motion sensor lights
-comfortable spaces
-little preschool giggles
-lunches outside
-dirt to dig & mounds to build
-carpet cleaner
-Costco samples (with friends!)
-a rockstar babysitter
-lemon cakes & book club
-packages on my doorstep (books!)
-packages in my mailbox (superwoman shirt!)
-text messages from my Mr.
-the fact that my 2 weeks without him is almost over (!!)
-that the glass vase (purchased as a birthday gift tonight for a friend) was broken INSIDE the packaging instead of on little toes
-visits with favorites
-surprise yellow flowers in my driveway
-reminders to be still & know...He is God
-good moments to grasp
-homemade cookies (always)
-walks & park play with my 3
-colorful cardstock
-warm blankets
-a shining sink
-friends with husbands who know the answers to my computer woes
-amazingly patient errand-running children
-haircuts (them, not me...though I need one!)
-my broom (really. it's awesome--a few sweeps and VWA LA)
-the power of service
-and gratitude. I need it.

That feels good. You?


Miles said...

Sending you thoughts and prayers! I hope things are looking up!

Sharalea said...

Thank you, Bekah!