Thankful Thursday: October 17th & 24th, 2013

{two for one...again}
Thankful Thursday

I'm Thankful for:

October 17, 2013
-safe arrival of my youngest bro: time for a dance partay!
-sight words fun with J
-letter tracing fun with N
-singing fun with Miss N
-fun photo shoots
-apple orchards & pumpkins
-crafty time with friends
-Saturday time serving others
-exploring new parks
-clearing out too small clothes
-moments of quiet 
-moments of loud
-kisses from Mr. H
-reasons to clean up the guest room! 
-stunning sunsets
-The Piano Guys
-thank yous

October 24, 2013
-free online worksheets for kindergarteners
 & preschoolers (hello!)
-a fun week with Uncle Spencer
-surprise visits from favorite friends
-the feeling of accomplishment
-the knowledge that I can start again (for those times the accomplishment doesn't happen when/how I  wanted!)
-high quality presidency meetings
-pumpkin strudel muffins (Costco)
-pumpkin pie blizzard (DQ)
-pumpkin spice cookies (w/preschoolers)
-knee high boots
-hot showers
-power that comes from unity
-love notes
-bedtime stories
-clean counters
-my brother's voice reading to my children
-Mr. H's voice on the phone
-my mother's voice on skype

You? Feeling thankful?

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