Thankful Thursday: October 3rd + 10th

{two for one}
I'm Thankful for:

October 3rd, 2013

-the start of a new month
-bright moonlight
-clean playrooms
-messy playrooms
-hair cuts
-our steamboat day-date (!!)
-an awesome babysitter
-busy, full, uplifting days
-low key, relaxing, absorbing days
-little fingers drawing ghosts
-excitement for our upcoming Gen. Conf.
-true friends
-reminders of what my focus is
-great friends
-the sisterhood of RS
-our vehicles that allow us to zoom from here to there
-chocolate chip cookies
-shows with my Mr.
-soft blankets
-midnight cuddles with Miss N
-naptime snuggles with Mr. N
-morning songs with Mr. J
-falling leaves 
-a much-needed week with my Mr. at home
-painted nails

October 10th, 2013

-spontaneous plans
-rainy afternoons
-fall scents
-baking bread
-4 awesome sessions of Gen. Conf.
-excited littles
-Mr. H going with my whims
-a clean kitchen  (by Mr. H--so you know it's super clean)
-the option of saying 'no'
-the option of saying 'yes'
-phone dates with dear friends
-dinner with new friends
-craigslist toys  (big wheel, anyone?)
-smiling children
-stomping feet
-remembering  the fun of cake decorating
-sharing my learnings with others
-learning from others
-chats with my Mom (even the short ones, as they seem to be lately)
-hope for the future
-a zoo day
-adventures in words
-washable markers

I'm Thankful (x2), and you?

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