From The Date {Phone Pics & Top 10 List}

Panoramic of our hotel & area around. This morning 11.17.13

Mr. H took this panoramic photo as we were walking back to our car to come back home this morning. We had a lovely afternoon-evening-overnight date and really enjoyed the time together--just us.

Top 10 favorites

1. The flexibility.

We could go anywhere/do anything. We had several hours before the comedy show started, and the freedom of choice felt amazing. We made a drop at Saver's, then stopped at the library, and finally found our way to Minneapolis.

2. The Guthrie.

This theater is an amazing landmark in the Mill District of downtown Minneapolis. The architecture is stunning--part of this thing just out over the busy street below and offers the viewer an stunning look at the riverfront perspective. Here I am on the outermost jutted point of the Guthrie:

3. Holding hands. 

We walked around, hand in hand. Usually one of us has hands on a stroller or holding littler hands. We took slow steps. Together. We sat in black leather lounging chairs and talked about fireplace mantles and goals for 2014. We danced to the piano music on the platform. I laughed at his jokes and he put his arm around me. We wondered how we could be married for 9 years already.

4.  Finding a sushi place.

Trevor goes out to sushi often when he is away on business. The company dime covers his sushi cravings. I don't go very often (though I did go with my girlfriend K two weeks ago, such a treat!), but I love to go with Mr. H. 

We used my handy dandy navigation system in my new phone and were led to the Origami Restaurant. The place did not disappoint. We shared philly, cali, & rainbow rolls. YUMMY.

5. Browsing cute shops.

There are some shops that you just cannot take little children into. So, we reveled in our opportunity to do so together. First, there was the adorable shop inside the Guthrie theater--with Minnesota themed items, hand made whimsy, theater-themed gifts, and other such fantastic items. We had fun looking through the shelves there and then before dessert, we stopped at this little shop called Patina. With sparkling lights, hanging stars, and colorful was like walking into a dream. It was fun to walk around, laugh at the funny sayings and pick out our favorite things.  

6. Dessert

After dinner we went over to the Lowry Hill district of Minneapolis to try out Sebastian Joe's ice cream.  OH MY. Mr. H ordered a homemade ice cream sandwich (chocolate chip cookies with ice cream sandwiched in between), after which he was floating in heaven. I had the pumpkin ice cream--which tasted like a combination of pumpkin pie and egg nog. The flavor

8. The main event.

We laughed until we cried. It was good for the soul. This was our third time to see Brian Regan live. He is a comedic genius, seriously. His facial expressions, his pauses, his body language...seriously makes me giggle just thinking about it. You know when you go to see him that you don't have to worry about foul language or inappropriate jokes. Just good clean fun. The way we like it!

9. Sparkling lights.

I love them more than I love homemade Sebastian Joe's pumpkin ice cream. I love the festive feel of little white lights and the glow on the sidwalks. It was rainy and cold, but the rain made the glow even better. Romantic. Yes.

10. This man.
He is my most favorite at all. We walked, we talked, we ate, we laughed, we gazed, we smiled, we enjoyed the TIME. It was a great celebration for our anniversary (that was in August). Wonderful.

And now...back to real life. We came home this morning, got the kids bathed, dressed, and out the door for Church (we have 1pm Church this year). Now, Trevor is packing his bags again. Tomorrow he heads out again and we begin another fabulous (busy!) week. 

How was your weekend?

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Katie Bradley said...

You look so beautiful! That sounds like such a wonderful time. Philly, cali, and rainbow- can't go wrong!

Linda said...

I am glad you had such an awesome time. The fact that it is rare, makes it even more special!

JosephJ said...

What a fabulous weekend. I'm glad you got the chance to stroll and hold hands. It really is an underrated couples sport, isn't it?

Emily Johnson said...

The sparkling lights (and you!) are beautiful!