Going To Bed {Sunday 11.10.13}

Energy blaster (tonight's choice: running in circles)
Flirt with Mr. H (while the kids run, giggling, in circles)
Scripture stories (tonight: Book of Mormon-Alma is on a mission)
Songs (Christmas hymns accompanied by Mom...simplified hymnbook style)
Prayer (J's turn-prayed for his teacher, Sis. S, who wasn't at Church today)
Thankful list (write it down every day this month!)
Teeth brushing (new kids toothpaste: excitement)
Drink of water (one cup, all share)
Miss N down (easy peasy, she has her soothing left thumb)
{1 down}
Potty J
Potty N (wipe needed)
More water requests (denied)
Fix a night light bulb (Daddy to the rescue!)
Tucked in
{2 down}
Lights out
Another water request (denied)
Yelling from the room "N has something that belongs to me!!"
Silence (sweetness)
Yelling from the room "N is not ...oh...nevermind!"
Silence (ahhhh)
Yelling from the room "N don't do....blah me...ahhhh!" "J! I won't I won't!"
Mumbling from the bunk beds 
Parents snack (reward for getting it done in less than an hour-oranges)
More bunk bed mumbles
Both boys exit their room "May I have my penguin now?" "Can I have my snake?"
(denied--show us how you can be quiet in bed first)
N smells Dad's freshly cut orange "I 'mell lemon. I want a lemon."
Back in the boys room, lights off (again)
{The 2 aren't really 'down' but they're in their room...that counts?}
Squawking from the room...letting it go.

Have a great night. A good sleep.

Or? If you are parents of littles...
a simple "good luck" will do

{as hilariously true-to-life suggested in this comedian's routine about the things that become things when you have children--HERE--I apologize in advance for a couple of unedited words}

Update: 1 hour after this was posted, we've had 3 more out-of-bed discussions and 1 transfer of J to our room until N falls asleep so J can go back into the boys room. They're both (finally) asleep now. Finally.

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Linda said...

Thanks for that reminder! I mean, seriously, I have a very easy time of it these days, in so many ways!
( But you can imagine...i really was where you are now at one point, right!? SO I GET YOU, GIRL! )

Katie Bradley said...

Ours like to sit at the top of the stairs, whack the top step with their feet and tell us they're going to pick another book or go potty. But, one nice thing about them napping, they usually go to sleep at night pretty darn quickly!

I like that they share one cup. Kid version of a peace pipe.