Thankful Thursday: December 5, 2013

Oh December!

You have arrived.
You walked in  modeling a robe with white sparkles, 
 and... is that some icy lace along the fringe? 
Fancy, I tell you what.

It's cold up here in Minnesota but it looks like it is about to get icy for some folks in the South. Stay warm & safe, friends!


I'm Thankful For:

-our Thanksgiving tree-turned-Christmas tree
-new little wooden tree & snowflake ornaments that add a crafty feel
-4 framed paintings of the Savior on our tree
-healing soup & prayers
-lots of resting time
-getting energy back
-2 batches of cookie dough in my fridge
-1 batch of bread dough on my counter
-chats at the door with friends
-text messaging
-my sweet and thoughtful visiting teachers
-phone calls with Mr. H when he is far away
-hugs from my littles
-reminders  (J told me "being a mom isn't hard, Mom")
-dance parties
-clean laundry
-little animal footprints in the snow
-child-sized shovels (genius!)
-our generous neighbor who cleared the driveway
-a car full of energetic young men (& their fearless leader) who came to clear snow at our house
-new books to read

That's it for me.
You? Thankful today?


Miles said...

Whatcha reading?

Sharalea said...

A new stash of library books + a new stash of books for kids from a friend cleaning out + homeschooling books for me (Charlotte Mason)