Thankful Thursday: Double Time {December 12th & 19th}

Oh Thursday.

A monumental day at our house. 
On gone-weeks, it is {typically} the day Daddy comes home {to big squeals and screams of joy}
I'm so looking forward to 
our happy reunion later today.

Also, on Thursdays, as is the tradition around this here bloggity blog, I document a portion of my thanks over the last week.

Unless it's last Thursday and I totally space out.
I was thankful, I just didn't type it out. 
So here it is...a double feature:

I'm Thankful For:

December 12th:

-falling snow (we live in a snowglobe/tundra)
-warm gloves
-big hugs from my Mr.
-home weeks (!!)
-simple joys of which I need reminding
-planning meetings (really. I love to plan. And meet.)
-cookie dough (oh how the holidays suck me into sweets!)
-trickling in of Christmas cards & family photos
-answered prayers
-little boot prints in the snow
-helpful friends/neighbors with snow removal
-people who naturally, humbly, sincerely care about others (inspire me)
-skype with family
-Target dollar section
-paper plates
-the glow of white lights
-spell check
-the St. Paul temple
-Christmas lights
-bedtime stories by my 3 yr old & 5 yr old
-family cuddle time
-new parent educator friends 
-the energy of being a hostess
-the joy of renewal
-holiday treat tasting
-opportunities to teach & learn (in and outside of my family)
-insurance (difference in amoxicillin--without ins: $29, with ins: $2)
-blankets fresh out of the dryer
-our nativities that remind us
-artwork by my children
-little handprints
-clean counters

December 19th:

-little gifts scattered under the tree
-the fancy upgrade that a little tulle adds to any old gift
-hot glue
-traditions--new, old, yours, mine...all of them
-my media cards
-Nestlee mint chocolate chips (and the cookies they make delicious)
-crisp apples
-melting snow (30 degrees is a heat wave!)
-whomever is doing the 12 days of Christmas secret drops at our house--so generous, thoughtful, kind, and making our days so much  more exciting!
-the joy of giving
-Christmas music on Pandora
-the Swedish chef on youtube
-quiet time
-loud, silly time
-snow angels
-hearing Mr. H's voice on the phone
-downtime with friends
-mistletoe in my house (first time ever!)
-my cousin's return to his sweet bride (his Navy ship is back after 9 months away!)
-another cousin's baby's birth (yay Miss Sara!)
-a successful ward Christmas party (yay! it was great. yay! it is over!<--say all="" font="" in="" involved="" of="" planning="" us="" were="" who="">
-a hard working Mr. H (did you know he went to the Church at 7:30am to set up all of the tables for the himself...because everyone else was coming at 9am (as they were asked) but he wanted to get it done)
-catching up with this season of Parenthood
-gift wrap
-Christmas cards (though I haven't sent any in 3 years...)
-family history
-strong women who influence and inspire me
-the sound of the snow plow
-our first Santa Lucia holiday tradition
-hugs from my children (and their easy-to-forgive nature)
-the Savior of the world

That's it for this lady o' Thursday.
How about you? Feeling the thanks?


Emily Johnson said...

I'm loving our heat wave! There really is so much to be thankful for at this special time of year. Thank you for being such a great example of expressing gratitude.

Linda said...

It is interesting that you do your thankful day on probably your hardest day of the week...BEFORE Trevor gets back home. I think you are remarkable. Love, Your mom.