Two Years!

Our third baby,
first baby girl
born 12/13/11
on her due date
10 lbs 3 oz
{Birth story here}

Noelle Lucia

I'm sharing a handfull of photos 
from the last 2 years...
so you can reminisce along with us today 
on her birthday!

Happy Birthday to you,
our first Noelle

our Santa Lucia baby

...our princess,
 Miss N.

You are a bright light in our family (Lucia means 'light'); a shining ball of energy and love. 
We are grateful for your giggles, games, 
and the girl power you add to our crew.
Thank you, Noellie, for being you!


Katie Bradley said...

Such precious photos of such a precious little girl! Happy birthday Noelle!

Linda said...

a little sweet girl! i love her!