Thankful Thursday: 2fer {January 23rd + January 30th, 2014}

This month feels like a lifetime already
and yet, I am still having a hard time remembering to type 2014.

I have friends having babies,
friends celebrating new jobs,
friends finding new joy, 
and at the same time
friends & family who are grieving,
friends who are aching,
friends who are not finding their way.

The world spins us from normal every day
to big life events in quick swirls and simultaneously slow turns.

The days grow long,
but the minutes trickle quickly--
like melting icicles on a Minnesota roof.

And here I sit, feeling it all.
And grateful.

I'm Thankful For:

January 23rd
-new sheets
-thoughtful friends who help me out when Mr. H is out of town
-new games to play
-easy meals to make
-hugs--real ones
-moments to remember
-surprises in the mail
-movie night with the kids
-the knowledge of God's love for me 
-little lego creations
-homemade frosting
-library books (tall stacks of them)
-coconut oil
-questions that encourage learning
-finding my three playing happily, creatively together
-colorful drawings on my fridge
-scriptures that remind me what this is all about
-creative friends
-yoga pants 
-quiet mornings
-our fireplace
-family history stories (& those that wrote them down!)
-my journal
-intense moments of clarity--I am a daughter of God

January 30th

-sweet friends whose tender care makes a cold seem not nearly as annoying
-my Mr. home to take care of me, the littles, & the ridiculous amounts of snow
-reminders to BE STILL
-photos that make me smile
-listening to my kindergartener read to me
-listening to my preschooler count to 20 (missing a few #s)
-listening to my pre-preschooler sing little songs
-homemade soup
-clean linens
-warm clothes (!!)
-tents in my living room
-flexible schedules
-new goals being put into action 
(doula training coming right up!)
-phone calls with each of my brothers
-sunlight in my house
-good sleepers
-the squeals of happy children
-Naan bread 
-the joy that comes from focusing!

That's it for January
What a ride. 
Feeling thankful?

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Miles said...

Doula training?! How amazing you are! What an exciting new journey! You will be so awesome!