Thankful Thursday {January 2nd + January 9th}

Oh January

You sauntered in with a smirk,
teasing us with your white fur coat and jingling mittens.

You made freezing temperatures fashionable
and plunging windchills your vogue.

You stepped in with snow-sparkling boots,
your eyes shining brightly blue behind a snowflake scarf

Looking forward (you never look back), 
your frosty aura glows in the winter scape

You danced through the snow on New Year's Eve
blowing kisses to tired old December as she made her exit.

You tossed a polar vortex into the air
and rolled a gusty nor'easter over there.

Never to be forgotten, always the first
January of 2014, you have our attention.

We'll sit at your feet, writing and hoping
drinking hot chocolate, dreaming, and cleaning.

You hold out your glittery baskets 
full of hope, wishes, and goals not yet forgotten

We crave the new beginning you offer
So welcome, my friend--let's make this year shine!

I'm Thankful For:

January 2nd:
-a very relaxing and beautiful Christmas week
-gift sharing to spare
-gingerbread making  fun
-quality family time while Mr. H is off work
-quality project time will Mr. H is off of work
-new paint!
-generous friends who share their tools (and make projects so much easier!)
-a nearby snowblower fixer-upper-place
-our cozy home
-friends who love us
-family chats and photo sharing
-the energy of a new year
-goals to be present
-families who inspire me
-the magic of this time of year
-the option of listening to Christmas music after Christmas :)
-watching the littles enjoy their new games and toys over and over again
-reading new books together
-homemade bread to share
-our last FHE of the year
-the chance to compile & finish a slideshow of 2013
-talking about goals with my  littles
-brainstorming the new year over hot chocolate
-hot chocolate
-family hugs
-the honoring time of Christ's birth to this world
-God's infinite devotion to us, His children

January 9th:
-a short travel week for Mr. H's first week back to work
-safe travels for the Mr.
-ice melting off of our (inside!) windows
-warm leggings for skirt-wearing events
-library storytime (and friends!)
-library books stacked tall
-the energy of children
-peppermint extract (in cookies!)
-pajama days (too cold out!)
-January sales
-my newly finished living room (I can't stop staring!)
-my hard working Mr.
-my patient, happy littles
-letting go of restrictions I put on myself
-good friends
-an eternal perspective
-a warm house
-coconut oil (dry skin, anyone?)
-people who work outside so that we can be safe & warm
-our cars with heaters that work
-the pretty white snow outside
-temple time
-friends who watch my children so I can have temple time
-skype with my Mom while I wash dishes late at night
-my little laminator
-our first FHE of the new year
-kisses from little lips
-clean toilets
-warm socks
-stories that inspire
-our Savior's love for us--no matter WHAT.

That's my 2 week wrap up 
& official January welcome. 
9 days in, and I'm feeling grateful. 

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Emily Johnson said...

Yeah for having a "new" living room! Wahoo for finishing it among all of your other holiday celebrations and such!