Thankful Thursday: February 27th, 2014

It's a blustery, bright day today.

Cold {-9°/-23° windchill at 11am}
And bright.

Gratitude, I have learned...has a warming influence. 
I'm ready to warm up my day!

I'm Thankful For:

-my sweetheart who has spoiled me on my birthday week (wherein spoil means I now have an updated bathroom, chocolate granola just for me, & colorful streamers that have stayed up all week)
-the start of a new year--34 is going to ROCK
-my littles who have smothered me with love (snotty kisses, handmade cards, and "i love you"s)
-many friends who shared birthday greetings in a variety of ways, all making me feel so special this week!
-the opportunity to begin a doula internship (!)
-miracles in faith
-honoring celebration of a friend's life
-warm hats
-Mr. H's job, even though the gone weeks can be crazy, he enjoys it and it provides
-our 2 cars...still running :)
-the confidence I've gained in my 30's 
-yoga paints (I think I said that last week too...I may or may not have let the winter comfort foods get to me)
-my listening, supporting, encouraging mother
-bright yellow
-a freshly swept kitchen floor
-girls nights with my friends
-apple blast from Caribou Coffee
-washable crayons

That's it for me, for now.
Your turn! 
Warm up with some gratitude today!

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Emily Johnson said...

A doula internship?! Wahoo!