Thankful Thursday: March 6th, 2014

And now...almost ONE FULL WEEK into March,
 it's time to push pause.

March is another busy month at our house, 
somehow the last week of February puts time on hold 
(celebrating birthdays seems to do that to me), 
and now we're here! March! 

Much to enjoy & celebrate in March...
possibly even warmer temperatures 
to give us hope of a future of green and bright colors. 
Until then, my littles are thrilled 
to jump around in the snow piles of our backyard.

I'm Thankful to know 
that spring WILL come...and more.

I'm Thankful For:

-Mr. H's 2 weeks (in a row!!) at the home office
-sweet midnight snuggles with Miss N
-tender morning cuddles with Mr N
-whispering afternoon chats with J
-reading books as a family
-calm-scented candles
-coconut oil
-cream cheese frosting
-thank you cards
-the chance to wear the pioneer dress in my closet
-the Relief Society organization (172 years!)
-my new badge
-a clear TB test
-healthy kids & Mama!
-Mr. H's job
-successful events of which I am grateful to be part
-new information that spurs action
-my little helpers
-stretching moments in motherhood
-the growing friendship between my children
-chats with my brothers
-relaxing visits with favorite friends
-birthday flowers
-new ideas and plans
-obvious miracles that are products of faith & action
-missionary letters
-family videos
-my comfortable & warm bed

That's it for today. 
Feeling thankful at your house tonight?

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Emily Johnson said...

Spring will come...any guesses on when? ;)