Thankful Thursday: April 10th, 2014

It's Thursday here!
It's Thursday there!
It's Thursday, Thursday EVERYWHERE!

(well...excepting the locations in which the time difference makes it...tomorrow)

I am here to report that:
Spring has finally, truly sprung in Minnesota.

Sure...we still have *some* icy/snowy mounds,
and are still awaiting the first opening buds...
The sun is out, the sky is blue, 
the birds are a-tweeting, &
the big coats are

I am Thankful For:

-Mr. H's happy arrival home
-our last (?) big snow of the year (last Fri: 9 inches)
-our first snowman this year (Olaf!)
-time with Daddy in town
-an amazing, uplifting, jelly-bean-full weekend of General Conference
-our internet working 5 min before Conf started
-little miracles
-lunches outside in the sunshine
-plans turned upside down into better adventures
-calls from my brothers
-the eternal nature of our families, our very souls
-my shelf newly stocked with doula certification books
-the melting all around us into muddy spring (and my washer/dryer)
-swimming lessons for the boys
-IKEA kids eat free Tuesdays
-new furniture
-reminders of who I am
-made beds
-shaved legs (!!)
-healing prayers
-great visits with amazing women
-inspiring conversations
-miracle recognizing moments
-calendar planning
-yellow flip flops on my little girl
-naptime (did I say that already?)
-great dental care
-friends who think of me in their errand running
-the freedom of playing OUTSIDE on their OWN (oh I love that gate, the fence, and the has been one.long.winter)

...See the joy in their faces?

My happy-to-be-outside darlings!

Life is good.
How 'bout you? Feeling thankful?

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Miles said...

Healing prayers are definitely on the top of my gratitude list. Your weekly thankful posts reminded me of this:

Youre are always so in tune and inspired, shara.