Thankful Thursday: July 17th, 2014

It's Thursday! 

The kids are digging in dirt outside,
my kitchen is full of drying paint projects,
& it is time to breathe & think thanks.

I'm Thankful For:

-my hardworking Mr. H (seriously--I don't know where he gets his energy but I'm pretty sure he loves me)
-new blinds in the kitchen (why did we wait 2 years to add them?)
-a tall shelf on the wall!
-super clean cement floors
-rugs to keep our toesies warm downstairs during our short-term phase
-favorite neighbor friends (couple of blocks is still neighborly, right?) & their 3 gifted eggs
-sweet treats we enjoyed from those eggs
-Mr. H's job--it takes him away every other week, but keeps us hoppin'
-J's curiosity and inventiveness (guess how many inventions he has built with cardboard & masking tape)
-N's humor and tenderness (this kid cuddles with me almost every morning! and plays with my hair at night)
-Miss N's songs and spunk ("no,  no, no, no , no...nuh-UH. noooope!")
-our growing grass (never thought about it much before we seeded our own)
-the lilac bushes (though I missed their blooms this year, they provide awesome shade & security)
-pillow updates to my hand-me-down couches
-the American flag (specifically, the one that hangs in front of our casa)
-cooler July days 
-my sis-in-law's brownie recipe (see above gifted eggs)
-freshly vacuumed carpet upstairs
-the color YELLOW
-used books
-'baseball' practice with J
-cuddling with Miss N at midnight
-reading with Mr N
-tissues (lots of runny noses this week!)
-washable paints :) and markers. and crayons.
-fresh bread
-juicy strawberries
-cool weather in July
-moments of calm
-moments of chaos
-a shiny sink
-naptime (starting in 5,4,3,2...)

It's a good day.
Feeling it?


Linda said...

now I am . Thankyou.,

Katie Bradley said...

definitely neighbors :)