Thankful Thursday: July 24th 2014

It's Thursday! 
I'm swirling through another busy week of ups and downs, feeling a bit anxious for the stabilizing affect of gratitude. It really makes such a difference!

The sun is shining here and we have park playgroup plans...but first:

I'm Thankful For:
-Mr. H's home weeks (means I'm not the only one doing dishes, bedtimes, laundry, and lunches! feels. awesome.)
-goals to work for 
-stacks of unforseen experiences that stretch us to new places
-heartaches that humble
-friends that volunteer to watch our kids (date night!)
-vintage cameras
-polka dot pants
-photo shoots with babies & Mamas
-the opportunities that surround us
-freshly picked fruit
-homemade soups
-Sunday naps, when they happen
-surprise gifts
-my kids' excitement for the littlest things (little legos, little bugs, little rocks...anything little, really)
-zoo day with friends
-water to fill our kid pool and friends to have over
-sunshine & breezes
-our dry basement
-girls night on my front porch
-uplifting books
-insightful conversations
-trip planning
-the joy of learning together
-memory sharing
-online ancestor resources (for real though!)
-my bro Joe whose birthday is in 4 days (!!)
-doula days
-miracles that we recognize as we contemplate
-repeated truths

And also--today is PIONEER DAY! This is an excerpt from the trail log of one of the pioneer companies--my ancestor, John Wagstaff, was mentioned. I appreciate the courageous sacrifices of faith and dedication that these early Saints. As a worldwide Church, we all embrace and honor their names for their willingness to follow a living prophet and give up *anything* to follow truth that burned in their hearts. I am grateful for the pioneer heritage that I inherit from my Dad's side and the pioneer conviction of my mother who is a pioneer in her own right. Today we celebrate pioneers young & old, far & wide, 1800's and 2000's.

Happy Pioneer Day!

How 'bout you? Feeling grateful today?

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