Thankful Thursday: July 31st, 2014

I'm Thankful For:

-early morning snuggles with Mr. N (he comes into our room early in the AM, snuggles, and then gets back into his own bed--awesome)
-late night chats with Mr. J (having a hard time sleeping lately)
-midday chatting with Miss N (new words DAILY for this one)
-Mr. H coming home tonight (woot!)
-fun friends at the park today
-summer sunshine & our kiddie pool outside
-the opportunity to work in the birth community here--it is enlivening and inspiring
-a great day of learning and bonding with doula sisters yesterday
-the power of women
-my bike-riding boys (walking to the park is so much more fun now that they are so confident!)
-soft falling rain (basement's still dry!)
-my brother who had a birthday this week (yay! birthday!)--he is an awesome example to me of patience, can-do-it-iveness, & creativity
-amazing friends who take shifts to help with childcare when I'm in a pinch
-the doorbell ringing, cookie leaving bandits who left treats on our door
-the words of the hymns--I love them always but sometimes especially so
-fans (this has been the best open-window summer EVER)
-a dry basement
-Mr. H's hard work and service to our family and others
-fun visits with friends
-gentle reminders from the Spirit to ACT & DO even when I'm exhausted

And it is.
And we are.
Happy Thursday!

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