Thankful Thursday: August 7th & August 14th 2014

Double Duty, yo!

It's Thankful Thursday...

I'm Thankful For:

August 7, 2014

-sunshine & breezes (and the best, mild summer temperatures EVA)
-dinosaur growls from my littles to remind me
-the immediate reaction of calm when my Mr. walks in the door
-the fun of home weeks (in case you didn't know, the Mr. is out of town every other week. Home weeks are our favorite)
-Mr. H's job (changing routes again...hoping to get UT back!)
-legos (!!)
-kayak & beach play
-vintage blankets from my infused in my childrens'
-an empty dishwasher
-deep cleaned van seats
-our quick trip to Nauvoo (still a major topic around here)
-the beauty of lightening
-the power of prayer
-fresh mozzarella cheese
-zoo day with friends
-breakfast made by Daddy

August 14, 2014
-sunshine & frozen fruit
-good chats with the Mr. on the road (we *rarely* get quality conversations when he's gone, our schedules are just too opposite)
-plenty of band aides for all the scrapes
-our kitchen table
-yard sale finds (kids snowshoes!)
-continued beautiful weather
-reminders of God's promises to His children
-our close proximity to the temple
-my Mom's photo posts on FB
-bang trim
-inspiring friends (have I told you we have a friend from Liberia that we take to Church every Sunday?)
-good naps
-clean clothes
-amazon boxes on my doorstep
-bike rides
-people who are so generous with their time & space
-the influence of others' genius
-all the happy first day of school photos on FB
-the chance to enjoy more summer days
-tent building mornings
-story telling evenings
-lessons learned

What About You? Feeling Grateful?

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Linda said... you. I am grateful for YOU!