Thankful Thursday: November 12, 2015

I'm Thankful For:

-the chance to see friends I haven't seen in awhile!
-sweet, slow, warm-ish fall days
-my kids happy playtime together
-my kids unhappy playtime--moments to teach, learn, re-teach, expand, improve
-little toes!
-hot showers
-red lentil soup! 
-borrowed DVDs for movie nights
-rainy afternoons (with lots of thunder & lightening!)
-delivered cookies
-birthdays (happy birthday to my bro YESTERDAY!)
-freshly cut grass (last cutting of the season! woot!)
-soft baby skin
-phone calls with Mr. H
-windy days and scarves
-calm after the storm
-sweet hymns (& J's practicing "There Is Sunshine In My Soul" last night for over an hour...heart melting)
-peace from prayer
-clean laundry!
-hot from the oven bread + kerrygold buttah
-date night with my 7year old
-talented people who share their energy & voices
-quality entertainment
-the yearly Primary program (this was Miss N's first year--she was so excited all week and then once she got up there--she froze. Daddy stepped in & said her part for her)
-silly songs on Pandora
-wooden blocks & the endless possibilities
-low key mornings
-opportunities for my kids to do service for others (Saturday morning raking!)
-the chance to take photos of other families 
-inspiring friends
-cuddles with my 5 year old
-giggles with my 6 month old
-dances with my 4 year old
-cooking with my 7 year old
-home time with my Mr.
-the power of faith

That's it for today.
Feeling thankful?

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