Thankful Thursday: November 19, 2015


I'm Thankful For:

-pandora radio (we're onto Christmas tunes now!)
-fall soups!
-starting a morning with fresh bread
-the fun time the boys have at their homeschool co-op classes (today's the day!)
-the fun time Miss N has with her friend Miss C over to play on Thursdays (while Miss C's Mom plays taxi with the boys & others to the homeschool co-op days!)
-my mother & our regular conversations about...all.the.things
-my brothers, and the chances to chat with them (though I need to do better at calling THEM!)
-snail mail (isn't it the best?)
-opportunities to share 
-tender mercies from God
-the St. Paul temple 
-our callings at Church that stretch us and allow us to learn and grow in our spiritual selves
-N's talk in Primary on Sunday (I missed it! so he did it again just for me!)
-Miss A's sitting up cute-ness (there is something so adorable about a sitting baby, especially when it's a new skill!)
-Trader Joe's (and...all.the.things)
-peace and calm that I can feel in my home, despite what is going on in the world around us
-sunshine on a chilly day
-big fat snowflakes!
-a cleaned up yard, ready for winter  (and the hard work to get it that way)
-soft blankets
-heated vehicles!
-whoopie pies
-memories from yesterday
-goals for tomorrow
-the chance to try again and again to be better and better
-children's laughter
-baby cuddles
-feelings from the Spirit and the motivation to ACT on them (and find out God has a special plan for my day!)
-my grandparents' anniversary today! (miss them)
-Trevor's grandfather's birthday yesterday (and Trevor got some of his temple work done yesterday, not even knowing the birthday link--but--you know. HE knew.)
-dusted surfaces
-owl slippers
-needed hugs with friends
-girls night (tonight! with one of my bff's!)
-lip gloss
-comforts that I take for granted, daily
-the power of prayer

I'm Thankful.

And in these days of hard things, war, refugees, bombings, terror, fears, uncertainties, and insecurities--all we really have is the love we can give to one another, the love we feel from God, and the sense to show and give THANKS.

I'm blessed far beyond my needs.
And I am thankful.


Jennifer Endicott said...

Lovely list! Wishing you and your beautiful family a very Happy Thanksgiving! Love to you all.

Sharalea said...

Thank you, Jenn! Wishing you a happy & warm Thanksgiving as well! Hugs!