Thankful Thursday: November 27, 2015 {Thanksgiving!}

Today we are celebrating all of the things---
the little things, the big things
the hard things, the great things,
the long days, the short moments,
the memories, the goals,
the warm fires, the windy days,
the heartbreaks, the bright hope.

Thanksgiving brings with it an energy of goodwill,
a thoughtful spark of holidays past and a glow of ideas for holidays future,
and a reason to gather with full hearts.

We are grateful for all that we have
and all that we don't even recognize that we have
and pray for peace and healing around the world.

I'm Thankful For:

Many, many, many things.

Daily fixed fireplace, painted nails, family movie night, date nights with my Mr., home weeks together, paintings by J, inventions by N, improv dances by Miss N, and Miss A's adorable sitting up-edness.

Today's smells in my kitchen, our first season's snow falling outside, delicious desserts that I made with the Mr., friends to share around our table, knock knock jokes from the kids table, and a cozy living room in which we could share stories and smile.

Eternal living God who loves and cheers me on always--even when I'm stubborn, silly, or short sighted. A God who gave His Son for all mankind, whose birth we reverence all year long but get to celebrate in special glory in the coming weeks. A God who gives little reminders that He knows us--and He is creating goodness all around, if we will open our eyes and see Him in it.

My, my amazing, hard working, good looking, ever-serving-me Mr. My beautiful, funny, creative, silly, loud, wild, hilarious, thoughtful, kind, inquisitive, adventurous children. They each bring a unique spark of color and energy to our family. We are ever learning & stretching together, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My heart is full. I thank God for all of it. 

May you and yours enjoy an uplifting and connecting week together, in thankfulness.

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