Thankful Thursday: December 10, 2015

I'm Thankful For:

-rainy December days (remind me of home)
-our old but reliable washer & dryer
-our super mild winter (so far!) and walks without coats!
-people who serve selflessly
-vehicle jumper cables!
-library play areas
-all the twinkling lights
-the energy of Christmas
-Mr J's excitement for every newly learned karate kick
-Mr N's thrill for every new limb climbed
-Miss N's happiness in every book read
-Miss A's contentedness in pretty much everything
-these days of learning together
-Mr. H's listening ear, shoulder to rest upon, and strength in doing all.the.things
-good surprises
-the ability to work through not-so-great surprises
-quiet time
-our friends, young & old
-good people in positions to make things happen
-the freedom to 'school' in wherever we are, whatever we're doing as a family
-our hacienda
-those sweetest moments when time seems to stand still and my heart fills with the best kind of feels
-a clean space (when it IS clean)
-a dirty space (because then it's been lived in!)
-chats with my Dad
-hot water
-no more monsters in the closet
-plenty of all the needed things
-snuggles with my growing-too-fast-baby
-craft stores
-songs around the piano
-the gift of our Savior

That's all for now--the girls are calling!

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