Thankful Thursday: December 3, 2015

December, you are here 
and you fulfilled our order: 
good snow and not-too-cold for outside play and building! 
We are grateful for a beautiful start to this new month and especially the chance to celebrate, give, and find the holy in this special season of our Savior's birth.

I'm Thankful For:

-24/7 streaming Christmas music on
-sparkly slippers that bring joy to Miss N
-teeny tiny lego parts that Mr N loves to create with (and that I'm constantly scanning the floors for, lets Miss A find them!)
-the powder blue Santa-style winter hat that my friend in Portugal gave me, years ago, that makes Mr. J feel so happy to wear (and share with his snow people)
-the coziness of a fireplace
-girls night wherein my friend comes to my house after bedtime because Mr. H is out of town but we have a hard time squeezing it in so that's how it's done. boom. good chats with good people
-having friends over & hearing their imaginings and creative play time
-beautiful, white, falling snow
-awesome fluffy, easy to shovel snow
-fantastic, building snow & temperatures in the 30's to play outside
-new gloves from Fleet Farm
-polka dots
-thoughtful friends (and surprise apple cider)
-new insights in scripture
-Christmas decorations & the excitement the kids have when we're driving around in the dark
-the Kindness Elves who are back for December! (a hunt to find them + a note giving us a random act of kindness to perform)
-the many volunteer hands that love and teach my children at Church
-early morning light
-giggles running around my house
-helpers with laundry
-phone calls with my Mr.
-our sitting Miss A (that melts each of us with her not-so-gummy smile (a tooth popped up!))
-our brave Mr N (who is determined to take care of "bad guys" by smashing a pie in their face!)
-our willing Mr J (who changes laundry from washer to dryer, etc. like an expert)
-our thoughtful Miss N (who finds ways to make everyone's bruises heal faster)
-Christmas themed books to read
-quiet time after bed time
-catching up calls with my Mom (who is, you know, like a sister for me)
-Christmas lights!
-forehead kisses
-the power of prayer to give clarity, peace, and calm
-the good people in the world who are protecting, giving, serving, loving
-the birth of a Savior, to give light in a world confused in the darkness of difficulty and tragedy

Sending prayers and compassion to San Bernadino today.
And grateful for those who see needs and ACT. 

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