Thankful Thursday: January 14, 2016

It's Thursday, yo!

We have the piano guys blasting, Miss N is dancing in (the third, so far today) a twirly dress, Miss A is making her rounds from one of pile of toys to another, Mr J is doing his morning reading by the front window, Mr N is gathering his things in a shopping cart. Life is good.

We are headed out in a few minutes to take the boys to their homeschool co-op classes (every Thursday: art, music, karate, & lego science).

I have just enough time to get my thankful list up:

I'm Thankful For:

-Mr. H's home week (always.forever.the best.)
-homemade frosting
-our warm house (did you know that -28 windchill is a THING and life goes on)
-piano players in my house
-friends coming over to visit
-shared lunches
-breakfasts by Mr. H
-the opportunity to work on new projects
-sunshine on cold days (it really almost always is sunny on cold days up here--it's awesome, though somewhat deceiving)
-napping children
-fun stories to tell
-new markers
-unscripted play
-new sleds
-warm gloves
-our backyard sledding hill that keeps growing!
-funds to cover some big mechanical fixes
-cars that work!
-little braids
-cards to send
-memories to share
-my almost 17 year friendship with Mr. H
-Mr J's new interest in comic strip drawings
-Mr N's excitement for organizing his "junk"
-Miss N's gentle whispers to her baby dolls
-Miss A's super fast crawls
-bath times
-positive words
-the freedom of little outside walks
-unexpected gifts
-evenings with dear friends
-new recipes to try!
-the goodness we each have the power to create
-the goodness God gifts us
-the ability and empowerment in trusting

That's it for now--happy Thursday, folks!

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