Thankful Thursday: January 21, 2016

I'm Thankful For:

-above zero temperatures and windchills! we are outside again! woot!
-my chiropractor (ahhh my shoulders have been killing me! toting around Miss A plus her all-night eating these days, I'm all torqued and twisted)
-dance parties to get our (their) energy out
-inspiring quotes
-my Mom
-lemon-honey tea
-the kind gentleman at the post office who didn't run over my kid
-1 hour photo prints (Costco wins. always.)
-fresh fruit & veggies, in the dead of winter 
-leggings (for under my skirts/dresses/long shirts--you know I've got my bum covered in those things!)
-new markers
-the ease of finding information and the thrill of learning with my children
-the power of a thank you
-that 3 out of 4 of my children dress themselves
-home date nights with my sweetie
-inspiring groups of women
-Mr J's help with the object lesson at a training at which I spoke on Saturday
-our sledding hill (now that it's not dangerously cold--we're back at it!)
-Mr. H's special wool socks that I keep slipping over my wimpy socks
-the way Miss N calls her babies "babe"
-the way Mr N sits on his one knee, other knee up, and organizes his collections
-the way Miss A drops her head on my shoulder after she nurses--just one more quick cuddle before she pops up and is ready to play!
-the way Mr J is so excited about all of the ideas in his head
-prophets words of warning and hope for the world
-sounds, smells, and images that remind me of powerful experiences in my life
-my missionary experiences in Portugal
-my girlfriends--I've spent some quality time with several (and another tomorrow!) over the last week (in person and on the phone) and it's been so, so, so good for my soul
-baby hand-me-downs
-new deodorant (am I right?)
-the option to go ahead and drop the $ for fixes on the tan van (gotta be done, and really we have had such low maintenance up to this point--grateful)
-slow mornings
-yellow flowers on my piano (pop! color! bright!)
-the opportunity to stretch & grow, together, as a family
-quiet time by myself
-loud time with everyone!
-the gift of hope, from Christ

That's it for now. 
What are you thankful for today?

1 comment:

Katie Bradley said...

Someone almost ran over your kid? Eep!
So excited to chat with you tomorrow!