Thankful Thursday: January 7, 2016

I woke up to one of my favorite winter sounds this morning: the snowplow working through our street. Our street is a main road (plus there are three schools on/near our street!) so it gets cleared pretty early on the snowplowing routes. I forget that every street doesn't have that luxury...until I venture off to a neighborhood street and see the sparkle of frozen snow, and I remember! Wow. I love that our road gets cleared so early!

There's something about that scraping, growling sound of pushing the new snow over to the side--I just like it (and I fully realize that I am probably very strange to enjoy such a gurgling loud tone). It means we have fresh snow, it means the road will be clear, it means the start of a new wintry day!

This winter in Minnesota has been mild, but we're sliding into colder days and nights and have had one or two nice snow storms (maybe 3 more inches tonight? I hope! Bonus: Mr. H gets home tonight!)

I'm Thankful For:

-people whose vulnerability shines
-our backyard (currently sporting a snow sledding hill!)
-late night chats with my Mama (who is often like a sister to me!)
-early morning snuggles with Miss A (who is 8 months old now...what?)
-ease of keeping in touch w/friends and family (fb updates! instagram! email! texts! calls too--easy.peasy.onthego)
-Costco samples...cream puffs. Need I say more?
-cheap gas
-mah bed
-outside walks and fresh, cold air
-moments of clarity (when do you get them? me? often in the shower--the only time I'm alone)
-our homeschool co-op classes, the boys look forward to them every week!
-opportunities to study and share
-N's thrill in the organizing of his *collections* ("all my junk")
-J's contagious excitement for reading the Book of Mormon (goal: before his summer baptism date!)
-Mr. H's first week away of the New Year: I am surviving it!
-Miss N's imaginary friend, Babby. She's so polite!
-Miss A's standing skills--that babe. Just wants to fly!
-answered prayers (sometimes not the way you hope/expect, but they ARE answered)
-my thoughtful friend, who recently vacationed in Portugal--who brought me a special gift today! what a treasure (my friend. and the gift.)
-the feeling I have when I make my bed
-the feeling I have when I crawl into bed at night
-going on walks with my friend
-new year--new study plans, new themes, new goals, new energy
-made ahead meals
-inspiring words
-hugs from a friend
-singing girls (there are two singing downstairs right now--friend Miss C is here playing with Miss N)
-reminders of truth
-reasons to smile
-honoring moments to cry

That's all for now...what an awesome, full first week of January! I am embracing our winter, going out for a walk (if even a few minutes) year. So far 7/7!

Happy New Year. Happy Thankfulness.


Miles said...

Love your walk every day goal! And, your first gratitude point- have you been reading Brene Brown?!! SO GOOD! Anddd.. I can't believe our boys are reading the Book of Mormon in preparation for their baptisms!! It's going by quickly. Oh my goodness! Senior primary! Cub scouts!

Sharalea said...

AH. Walk every day. I overheard my chiro tell someone recently "I go on a walk every day, no matter the weather". And I was like WHAAAATTTT? I have never done that nor did I grow up with that mentality, plus...this is Minnesota. So. WHAAAATTT? But then I started thinking about it, UH YES. Why NOT? And of course! People have always always walked outside everyday. We're meant to do it! Connecting with the earth, breathing the air (even cold air is fresh!), etc. It has really changed me. And I am loving it...and only 7 days in! WOOT!

I have two of Brene Brown's books but have only scratched the surface. So excited to delve in deeply. I am always amazed at all the mannnnyyy books you read every year--I get through a day and all I've read are scriptures, a few articles online, and whatever posts I've paid attention to on social media. I love how much you read and LOVE that you share your reviews!

I KNOW RIGHT!? I am so excited for baptism year and am still in shock that we are in that place. Honestly I haven't even been THINKING about senior primary (ours are together) or SCOUTING. WHAAAT!

Emily said...

Love you, friend! I went dark on social media at Thanksgiving, so I've enjoyed your bloggy updates. Keep up that good walking work - if you can keep it in MN, I should be able to do likewise I'm central CA, right? :)