Thankful Thursday: February 11, 2016

I'm Thankful For:

-Mr. H who fixed the fireplace again!
-42 days of #Sharawalks
-Ticonderoga pencils
-Valentiney energy (the kids are loving it!)
-my kitchen counters
-homemade pumpkin roll (yes, I did. and yes, it was gone within 24 hours)
-softest blankets
-movies from the library
-Mr. H's handsome self (and all the things he does to love & serve)
-frozen yogurt from Costco
-the sunrise on snowy landscapes
-new friends
-old friends turning new friends again
-the power of love and kindness
-kindness begins with me campaign with my littles (paper hearts all over the place!)
-forgiveness, & heart softening
-the chance to listen and act--God is in the details, I tell you what.
-the strength that comes from vulnerability (yes, reading Brene Brown & learning so much!)
-family rituals (I'm especially thankful for our Book of Mormon reading ritual--it's not perfect, reverent, or super insightful but we do it and we are making patterns in our lives that will impact our spiritual connectedness & growth)
-cream cheese frosting made in my kitchenaid (I just can't say enough about how much I love this stuff)
-my light blue ergo carrier--it's not the cutest in the world, but I've used it for 3 babies and it's a life saver (hands free, yo!)
-people with giving hearts who inspire me
-all the mother hearts who lift me
-and soup!
-the ways I am stretched through challenges--it really is wild
-the opportunity to teach and love and learn with my little monkeys every day
-Mr. H's job--as crazy as the schedule is--it provides for us!
-comfortable boots (hard for me to find with my huge Jackson calves)
-Mr. N's eagerness to help me organize my stacks
-Mr. J's early morning scripture reading habit
-Miss N's imitating games
-Miss A's expanding vowel & consonant sounds (and all.the.things.--we are all so smitten!)
-my God--who loves me and knows me and cheers me on in ways I'm only beginning to barely understand

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Miles said...

If you need more pencils, they're 60% off on amazon for the 96 pack :)