Thankful Thursday: February 4, 2016

I'm Thankful For:

-gifted friends who share and nourish through their words and actions
-a surprise plate of Valentine cookies!
-opportunities to give back

-my children's giving hearts (they gave their outing snacks --a big deal-- to a homeless person on Monday)
-the network of libraries that we are able to benefit from!
-Amazon. Prime.
-lists that help me stay on track (sometimes!)
-a clean sink
-a dirty sink (ah! we have dishes! and food! and full bellies!)
-the little hums of my children (J right now: "Away in a Manger", N right now: "zippadee doo dah", Miss N this morning: "There is Sunshine in my soul tuh-dayyyy"

-generous neighbor J snowclearning the MOUNDS in our driveway yesterday (10 inches, more on the drifts!)
-the field behind our house--sweet quiet, open space
-snow boots
-full stocked pantry before a blizzard (including: red lentils from our favorite African market!)
-the opportunity to assist friends/family with the things I have/am learning about breastfeeding!
-the power of words to inspire
-new hand lettering projects
-my #Sharawalks campaign--ONE INTENTIONAL WALK A DAY. It has enhanced my days in unanticipated ways!
-time with friends
-I think I've said this before...but. WOOL SOCKS. game changer!
-other Moms who know what they're doing (teach me!)
-clean water
-40 weeks of Miss A! #bumblebeeweekly
-the excitement of a new routine
-phone messages from my brother in Boston--they always make me smile!
-the right places at the right times and the sparks that happen in our hearts/minds
-Miss A's determination to stand at every opportunity (strong, strong legs!)
-Miss N's creative pursuits and imagination play (and that she wants me to tag along!)
-Mr N's interests in making peace in all the situations where the purposeful annoyance wasn't his idea (it really is amazing how much he is the peace maker when he is also so often the contention causer--he prefers peace, but it's so easy/fun to bug!)
-Mr J's quick observance in all.the.things.
-Mr. H's calls home, patience with me, and hard-hard-hard work
-vacuumed carpets
-dreams that require intervention--and waking up just in time to make the change!
-soft, soft blankets
-people around me who shine goodness
-the chances to say "I'm sorry" and start again
-strength in the deep, hard things

That's all for now.

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