Thankful Thursday: November 17, 2016

What an incredible gift this fall season has been--besides a handful of chilly days, we've had extended summer-fall weather--complete with sunshine, slight breezes, and fantastic temperatures.

We've only had to wear coats a few times--and we keep saying "this will be one of the last warm days" to coax the kids to spend more time outside--and they keep saying "you keep saying that!"

It's true!

This week looks like it might be the last warmer week--for reals though. A front is coming through and Sunday will probably require coats and we might even get a dusting of snow! We're excited about the shifting seasons, but man oh man--I am just so thankful for such a slow moving autumn time.

In addition...I'm Thankful For:

-fried pickles (a current favorite craving)
-new (super soft & comfortable) jogging pants (that I am wearing constantly)
-baby gown sleepers
-dictionaries (and the fun we are having with them in homeschool lately)
-washable markers (now more than ever before--Miss A likes to "make her mark")
-our thankful tree, filling out so nicely
-low key holidays
-chats with my Mom
-our backyard
-crunchy leaves
-Mr. H's vacation time
-freshly vacuumed carpets
-hot showers
-organized spaces
-long pillows
-coconut oil
-my hormone-influenced dryer and thicker hair
-fresh mint (still blooming! and my roses too!)
-my 18 month old's hugs, kisses, and snuggles
-my almost-5-year-olds compliments and back massages
-my 6 year old's morning cuddles
-my 8 year old's inquisitive evening chats
-family game time--we're into UNO these days
-my visiting teacher reaching out to me and watching my kids for a bit this week
-slow moving mornings
-pancake dinners
-thank you notes from my Mr.
-packages in the mail
-ice packs for aching shoulders, head bumps, and forehead bruises
-foggy mornings and nowhere to go
-my kids' good choices & positive behaviors
-patience when my kids don't make good choices or choose positive behaviors
-forgiveness for when I don't have patience when my kids don't make good choices or choose positive behaviors
-good quality sleep
-sweet potato chips
-read aloud time
-quiet reading time
-our local libraries
-family "date night" (Buffalo Wild Wings with coupons this week!)
-travel plans (that may or may not happen...but it's fun to imagine!)
-comfortable couches (they might be looking worn, but they're still so comfortable!)
-comfort from God
-my eternal family

That's all for now...more next Thursday!

Every day in November!  NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. Write a post on your blog every day in November. After a really massive break in my blogging, this will be the 4th year (not in a row, clearly), I've decided to tackle this challenge & enjoy the opportunity to switch to writing mode. I  have actually been looking forward to this for awhile--because I really do enjoy writing and don't make time to do it enough! Want to join me? Leave your blog link in the comments so I can follow you too! Or not. Does anyone follow blogs anymore? 

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