Winter Wonder...Welcome!

It is official: yesterday was the last of our unseasonably warm weather fall days!

We have been spoiled with a beautiful and extra long, warmer fall. We have had sunny days, bright colored leaves, minimal gusts of wind and a most enjoyable drawn out summer. We have only had to get out our wintry gear once (maybe twice?) and it has been a lovely delay.

Yesterday we celebrated by playing outside (temperatures in the 60's), jumping in leaves, and talking about how fantastic we've had it (while looking at photos on social media of our dear Minnesota friends who received their first big snow storm), knowing these kinds of days would soon be over.

Last night we had a fierce storm (trees down in our neighborhood) and temperatures fell dramatically. This morning we woke up needing our slippers and cozy's not even noon yet, and we've already made hot chocolate, been on bike rides with gloves, and ran in circles around the snow flurries (just flurries). 

I notice some folks complaining about and during wintertime, but I actually love it. I love the magic of the changing landscape (though I agree spring, summer, and fall are much more colorful) and wearing boots and sweaters (I do agree it's a bit taxing with children--all the boots, all the scarves, all the hats, all the gloves...but still). I enjoy watching the snowflakes swirl around and especially when there's enough of it to watch my children play in (and join them)! Last winter we made a sledding hill in our backyard that was *so much fun* for both kids & parents! It felt worth it to get out all the gear, even for 15 minutes of snow play. 

I appreciate the grateful gatherings and love-warming energy of the holidays, and I am always excited about decorating our home (we start in November with our "Thankful Tree" and white lights). I bake more, we read out loud more, and our crafty times seem to double during the winter. Staying in, getting warm, and cultivating a coziness in our home creates a very different kind of vibe than the busy in-and-out of the warmer days.

Going out is fantastic too--finding the perfect sledding hill will be one of our priorities (we had the most amazing "sledding bowl" just down the road from our Minnesota home, and we went regularly). At the beginning of this year I even took a walk every single day--no matter the negative wind chills or snow piles--and it was extremely liberating...even inspiring. I started noticing the wintry details that are otherwise easily that you can see every single nest in the trees because the leaves are gone, the various animal footprints in the snow, and the way the light posts take on an otherworldly glow in the misty-fog of a winter morning.

I read this article about some words we don't have in the English language--but that encourage an embracing and settling into the winter experience, from our Norwegian friends...I found it absolutely on target with some of my winter-love feelings.

"taking the time to slow down and savor all those things that lead to a sense of contentment, coziness and community building.  Americans have ways to go when it comes to mastering the art of “savoring,” but when we can figure it out and teach our children to practice it as well, I think we’ll be onto something. "

Another article that discusses the Norwegian secret to enjoying winter--which also talks about the concept of coziness, enjoying, and celebrating the season instead of dreading and complaining about it-- and suggests at the end: "You can just consciously try to have a positive wintertime mindset and that might be enough to induce it." 

We put up our white lights a week ago. 
I absolutely adore the soft, inviting glow, especially to brighten the dull skies that I know lie ahead. 

What will you do
 to lighten your mind and home 
during the darker days of winter?


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