Thankful Thursday: January 5, 2017

2017! HELLO!

My goodness, I only have a few minutes. 
My new boss keeps strict hours these days.

But he's so cute
And so cuddly
And so squeaky
And so warm
And so squooshy
And tomorrow marks our 3 week 
relationship together

So, it's a new year, I've got a new little person in my world, and I am THANKFUL!

I'm Thankful For:

-swirling snow flurries (the snow globe looking kind)
-my parents (who are here entertaining & helping in all the ways!)
-winter walks, even just for a few minutes
-wool socks on cold days
-burp cloths and washing machines
-pacifiers and sleeper gowns
-diapers and wipes
-remote controlled lamps
-my brothers (two of which were here to hang out for a few days!)
-my Christmas gift to myself: a special 2017 calendar from a Swedish artist
-late breakfasts
-cozy pants
-Mr H's 2 week paternity leave (bless you, Liberty Mutual)
-white sheets
-my doula
-baby bee's water birth that was perfectly what I'd wished for
-baby bee's recovering from rare disorder/infection--the experience as a whole is not what I'd wished for, but his healthy healing is definitely what wishes are made of
-little blue hats
-patience at midnight
-Mr. H's patience with me
-all the meals that were brought in by our church friends
-tiny toes
-a beautiful, low key, slow moving Christmas with our little family
-friends in our neighborhood who are ready and willing to help at a moments notice
-all the prayers from all the loved ones
-the power of priesthood blessings
-warm soaking baths
-bright sunshine
-quiet time (it doesn't come too often, so I focus on it when it happens)
-somewhat self sufficient big kids
-daily napping toddler
-baby blue eyes
-surprise packages
-new Solly wrap
-tiny kisses
-giant prayers
-the shining, new year

Time's up. 
The Littlest Mr. needs me,
and I am thankful!

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