Thankful Thursday: September 24th

'Tis Thursday

The sun is outside...
...the grass & weed-choppers are busy
creating an extra buzz outside
while the redheaded toddler
is making his own ZZZzzzz's.

And I am reminded
by my Mama

Time to be thankful. Time to reflect. Time to step back & put it all back in place.

You know, IT.

All of it.

The person who snapped at you for accidentally bumping into her with your stroller at the Fiskar's Warehouse sale this morning (insane sale, lemme tell ya. I might go back later to actually shop), the mother last night who's negative words pierced your heart, the neighbor who looked you up and down with an uppity air, the rolled eyes of that one, the sharp tongue of the other, the pain you are sharing with a friend, and the unsaid throb of the lonely heart.

All of these things...and more create the IT that needs to be re-arranged.


beautifully & gracefully


does just that.

Re-arranges the thoughts, Re-sets the heartbroken clocks, Re-views what really matters.

None of the above-mentioned it really matters
And all of the rest is what really does.

'All the rest' is what buffers us during the stormy moments & keeps us from falling too far or too fast. 'The rest' encompasses the truths that take us from our distractions into the place where Peace thrives. We are comforted as we release the IT and remember THE REST, with gratitude as the great sifter of emotion.

I am thankful for the miracles in my week. I wonder how many I miss when I am distracted by the 'it'?

I am thankful for two sweet notes from friends this week--whose energy make me want to fly. I am thankful for a husband who is willing to hang out with the J anytime I add something to my evening schedule. I am thankful for the she who invited me into her home to share a message of goodness. I am thankful to the ones who have embraced me as their own, even though my home-roots are far from here. I am thankful for a quick visit to the dr. this morning (and that J doesn't seem to be too bothered by day #2 of a low-grade temp). I am thankful for the very real likelihood of heading South to spend Christmas with family. I am thankful for the email this morning that made me laugh. I am thankful for the fun skype chat with my Boston Brother (and the one last week with my Portuguese amiga!). I am thankful. I am blessed.

You are blessed too!
Even if the IT is distracting...
...Push it aside,

What are you thankful for today?


Linda said...

JUST THIS MOMENT...the sun shone through my skylight for the first time in weeks, or so it seems. I am thankful the skylights didn't leak ( even though there still IS a leak upstairs). I am thankful for the truth and the role gratitude plays in sifting out distractions from peace. Thanks for describing it so well!
And yes, I am thankful for you! (and that we will see you after Christmas!)

JosephJ said...

I think taking the time to count blessings makes for a wonderful treasure: you can wash your cares away AND have a written history of what the Lord has blessed you with. I think I need to pick up the journaling habit again.

I loved the skype chat, too! Sorry about my dopey old computer dragging along.

Emily said...

I am thankful for YOU! Your wonderful words are so uplifting. I meant what I wrote on your FB about professional blogging.

Shawn and Lindsay said...

you are SO the optimist. Sometimes when i get all cynical i think about your optimism and your "think the best of everyone" attitude and it gives ME an attitude adjustment. thanks... or, "girlfriend, you are the best!"