Thankful Thursday: September 17th

It's Thursday Morning & I have pushed the "SNOOZE" button about 43 times.

At least.

I planned to get up early & take a jog/walk...
now I'll be sprinting to get ready for the day before the first signs of waking from the next room...

I have to say, this morning I am thankful for a child who sleeps in so nicely (so I can keep pushing 'snooze') because, really--that's the way I like it.

I am thankful for Trevor's job, that he had safe travels on his business trip earlier this week, and that he gets to use the extra hours for some serious overtime numbers (new information!).

Though the summer months are typically not my favorite, I have to say--Wisconsin has changed my life. I am thankful for the most enjoyable (weather-wise, humidity-wise, and happy-outside-time-wise) summer EVER. Anyone who knows me probably knows I don't like super hot, humid days. The water in the air just gets to me & I really just don't like to sweat. There, I said it.

Even though the Wisconsin summer has won my heart, I am still working on *project residency* (remember our fun visit to the DMV?)...and I am thankful that yesterday Mr. NiceGuy with the electric company was more than willing to send extra paperwork to verify my status. I am dreading going back to the DMV and dealing with Mr. BadMood...

Lastly I am thankful for the ease by which I can to keep in touch with my favorites. My favorite brothers who are far away (I have 3 of them. All favorites.), my favorite friends (both old and new) and my favorite --only-- Mama. Updated blogs, late night phonecalls, morning emails--what a world!

Thankfully yours,

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Josh and Jolie said...

First of all, don't you ever forget just how lucky you are to have a wee one that sleeps in!! ;-) Mine are up before 6 a.m. most days. ARG.

And second, I always enjoy reading this blog. I come here to rejuvenate my spirit and to remember the importance of being thankful for all blessings--both great and small--that God gives us to make this life bearable.

I may not always comment but I do read. You started a spark in me when we served together, to take time each day to recall the miracles and blessings.

I remember a calendar you kept. I'm sure you still have it! The one where you jotted down 3 miracles every day for a year. And sometimes the only miracles that happened in a day were sweet gems like, "I did not kill Sister Teeters with my bare hands today" or "I got out of bed". ;-)

Your 'attitude of gratitude', as Pres. Hinckley called it, is contagious!! Don't stop!