Thankful Thursday: October 15th

Ah, the day has come too quickly.

I forget the days of the weeks and the dates as well when I am
on vacation

Especially when I'm on vacation
in Boston

And even more especially when I am in Boston
in the fall

Today I am FULL of thanks!

In the interest of time, here's a bulleted list:
  • the nice flight attendants who helped on the 2 very full flights we took on Tuesday
  • the new friend I made as we were delayed in Minnesota
  • the sweet lady who was comfortable with J holding her hand on our way out of Chicago
  • the amazing feeling of accomplishment I felt when it was all over (much.thanks.)--a delayed flight, people who don't want mothers & babies to sit beside them, running from one terminal to another, a benedryl-proof toddler...
  • the awesome reception upon arrival at my brother & sis-in-laws cozy home (hot chocolate included)
  • my very own terrycloth robe to walk modestly from bathroom to guest room
  • good sleep transition for the toddler
  • an awesome 1st day on vacation, and an even awesome-er 2nd day (including going to this restaurant this evening, which is 300 years old)
  • J's very special new skill of folding his arms for prayers (!!)
Having a great week--

Hope you are too.




The Crew said...

Ok - loved the Veggie Tales video. Will was 'singing' along....

Amy and the boys said...

You're in Boston?! That's one place I'm dying to go and haven't been. PLEASE take pictures of the gorgeous foliage!