Thankful Thursday: October 8th

Yesterday I decided to write in my journal for the first time since about March. Or maybe February.

It felt good to get down some of my thoughts of the now and record J's current routine (because we all know it is bound to change, he is a toddler, you know!). It felt good to be reflecting on life and *things*. I had forgotten the release of energy that journal writing gives (though I do get an almost-same feeling from blogging, yay blogs!).

I was so excited about it, I told Mr. H "Guess what? I wrote in my journal today! It's been so long, I've missed it." He replied "Oh, for your class?"

And I paused.

The truth is--yes, for a class (I am finishing up a Personal History writing class), but the joy I felt in writing wasn't because of the class (though, perhaps if I was more motivated in that way I would be done with it by now: *sigh*)--it was because writing is therapeutic for me and journal writing is even better than therapy.

Honestly, I am forgetful. I don't remember the details that in the moment are precious and vibrant. I am sad I have not been more consistent about journal writing throughout my adult life (although those 18 months as a missionary sure were recorded well: one of my priceless earthly treasures)--and I want to be better. I want to save my thoughts, ideas, and inspirations by writing.

For that rainy day when I need to laugh
For that cloudy day when I need to be reminded
For that sunny day when the kids want to hear stories of their toddlerhood
For that stormy day when I need to remember that one time
For that cold day when I yearn for the warmth of memories
For that hot day when the whispers of yesterday will cool the air

Thankfully *grin*, I am one month away from a year's collection of Thankful Thursdays (!!)...they will become a very special kind of journal.

Thankfully, my mother wrote in a journal for me when I was a child. She encouraged me to tell her about my days and thoughts as her pen wrote as fast as I was talking. One of my most favorite entries is this one:
June 29, 1986
"This is going to be my life --

First when I go to BYU, I'm gonna find my man and I'm gonna pray and see if its the right boy I'm sposed to have. Then I'll get married in the temple and have a ring --and you and Daddy and Joseph and Ben will be there --and then I'm going out to eat at a restaurant at Wendy's...and I'll get a frosty and give it to my husband, and I'll pay for it if I have enough money. Then I'll say to my husband "Thank you for marrying me" and then I'll give him a kiss!*

Then I'll go on a honeymoon to South Salt Lake City**. I'll go to restaurants and then come home to an apartment. It might not look like it's sposed to be. Like--do you have to build it? Does it have sinks and a fridge and a bed? Ok, I'll have to find one like that.***

Then I'm going to pray for a baby. And then after that I'm going to get into the sewing mood. And I'm going to make a dress or pants or shirt---and then I'm going to go to the store and buy some clothes for my baby--then I'll go to yard sales.

Does it hurt to have a baby as much as my tummy hurt at Colleen's house?

*BYU: check. Found man: check. Prayer, temple marriage, ring: check, check, check
I'm sorry to report that we did NOT go to Wendy's after our wedding...

**I hope you laughed at this one. Hi-la-rious!

***Can't you just see a 6 year old's mind working here?

And...the having a baby question...I guess it's looming in the back of every woman's mind, even from a young age!

I am thankful for the journal entries of yesterday that remind me of my life goals, my strengths, my weaknesses, my challenges, my dreams, and my spiritual strivings. I am thankful for the blogging world that has opened up a new medium and modern excitement to recording (and sharing!) family life, photos, and experiences. I am thankful for many journals, letters, and writings that are so precious to me--from my parents, my ancestors, and those faithful ancients whose words we study in the scriptures.

"Should we not have respect enough to God to make a record of those blessings which He pours out upon us...?

Some may say [journal keeping] is a great deal of trouble. But we should not call anything trouble which brings to pass good. I consider that portion of my life which has been spent in keeping journals and writing history to have been very profitably spent.

If there was no other motive in view [except] to have the privilege of reading over our journals and for our children to read, it would pay for the time spent in writing it." ~Wilford Woodruff


The Crew said...

Loved your '6-year old' journey entry. I think a reception at Wendy's would have been fabulous!

Linda said...

Writing in your journals was one of the things I did right...but not nearly enough! That is a really cute entry...and amazing how much you understood about important things, as a 6-year old!

Linda said...

I like that you said you were going to get in a 'sewing mood'. I think that is so funny. Cute funny. I am sure you heard me say I was in a 'sewing mood'.

Anonymous said...

your mom is awesome.. and, i'm so stealing her idea to write for my kids in their journals.

Gina Ballerina said...

Are you preparing to tell us something? I just have that feeling...could be wrong...

Sharalea said...

Crew: YES! I reception at Wendy's would have gone along perfectly with my 6 year old dream. I wish I would have read this when I was making wedding plans...I totally would have added a stop to Wendy's on that busy day!!

Mom: I SO appreciate that you did this, and encouraged my own journal writing along the way! And I think the "sewing mood" is totally adorable too!

Bekah: My Mom IS pretty cool! ;) I think you should totally do this! I want to do it when J starts telling me things. I have started writing little things down already...

Gina B: Nothing *that* exciting to report these days, SORRY! Maybe sometime in the not-so-far future...:)

Linda said...

Taking a journal for the baby to the hospital is a good thing. You have feelings there in the moment that are so special! Hubby can write how the labor is progressing and his thoughts, as it goes along.

Amy and the boys said...

Oh my goodness. Laughing from Tennessee!!