Thankful Thursday: April 22, 2010

For the record, I want to just say:

What happened to APRIL?

Is it me, or didn't we just step INTO this

Arg. These months just keep whirring past me like race cars. I gotsta catch up!

In other news...I have a lovely little list of thankfuls to share this morning.

Annnnnnd here it is:

I am Thankful

  • for my parents who sealed the deal 31 years ago YESTERDAY...amazing. What an example of hard work and flirty love. Here's to 31 more years together!
  • for all of the folks who came out to support the YW (girls youth group) last night at their fundraising spaghetti dinner--the turnout was fabulous & the cashity cash will be used to fund their camp and other activities!
  • for the *just the two of us* moments that J & I enjoy on a daily basis. I know they will be coming to an end soon, and there is some part of me that is kind of sad about it
  • for the doubly great "dumpster diving deal" we found on Monday--a double bike trailer that is ALSO a double jogging stroller: Awe.Some!
  • for the sunshine which has encouraged extra vitamin D absorption and photo clicking!
  • for a clean kitchen and NO NEED to make frostings or cakes today. or tomorrow. or the next day either!
  • for clothes that fit--yup, I'm digging through the Big M box (where M is for Maternity) and loving these stretchy waistbands!
  • for the littlest things that can be overlooked as chance or luck...but really are just little, sparkly miracles--I am thankful for those & to recognize them as such!

Got a lovely little list of Thankfuls today?


Amy and the boys said...

could you use a pink GAP maternity zip up hoodie? I know you're heading into spring soon but you will always need a jacket in the evenings!

Linda said...

I am thankful today for amazing beautiful weather after yesterday's storms.