Toddler Tales: Folding Arms In Sam's Club

J and I like to grocery shop at Sam's Club.

We like the free sample perk and always prefer to buy string cheese in bulk (the kid loves his cheese, can you blame him--we live in Wisconsin!). I also like the produce section...and the occasional berry sundae splurge (just typing that made me want one. now.).

What I'm saying is: Sam's Club--what's not to love?

So a couple of days ago we stopped into our local Sam's (which is right next to our local Wal-Mart for all of the things we can't get at Sam' convenient is that?) for an afternoon shopping adventure.

After avoiding a line of sample tables (whose samples included egg products. BAH!), I wheeled our cart into the cleaning isles. I was looking for laundry detergent. I hear J say "prayers, prayers" and looked down to see him with his arms folded, resting on the cart handle.

It was adorable and I *almost* missed the reason for his actions.

Instead of walking on and saying something like "That's right. That's how we fold our arms to say prayers", I prodded him to explain what made him fold his arms in that moment. He eagerly pointed over to a tall stack of cleaning bottles--on each of them was a bald man with a big smile on his face.

It was Mr. Clean.

Can you see the image?

Do you know what his classic pose is?

Mr. Clean is folding his arms.
Just like we do for prayers.

J looked up to me with a smile, folded his arms again and said "prayers, prayers!"

As I walked through the store, finishing my shopping, my heart was full--a prayer of thanks for my little one who is learning so fast and associating folded arms with prayer time.


SNSsoup said...

That is the cutest thing I've heard in a LONG time! Isn't it funny how kids associate things and adults just don't get it?! I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've been in the stores with my boys and they see a guy with brown hair and a beard walk by and they scream out "JESUS"! For months, I was just plain embarrassed and I'd tell them to quiet down; it wasn't until the umpteenth time one of the boys did it while we were at the bowling alley of all places that I made the connection and realized they thought they were crossing paths with the Savior himself! I shouldn't have been embarrassed this whole time; those strangers with the brown beards were probably pleased being mistakend for as Christ. Also, this afternoon we went on a drive up to the Draper temple and it's up on the mountain side overlooking the entire Salt Lake Valley; the first thing Noah said was "LOOK, I can see the WHOLE world!" Almost immediately I wanted to correct him and tell him, NO it's not the whole world... but instead I kept my mouth shut. I realized in his mind it DID look like the whole world; I don't think his little mind could have comprehended anything bigger than the Salt Lake Valley that was sprawled out before him. Kids are so awesome at observing and appreciating the littlest things that we adults tend to forget about through out the day.

Stephanie said...

That is too cute! So fun to see them make connections like that.

It's Me - Jen E! said...

William gets very excited when he sees our Priest enter into the Sancturary. His name is Fr. Jim. When Will spots him, he points to him and yells out "Hey - look, it's Fodder Jim!" Fortunately, it is before Mass starts, so everyone is chatting with their neighbors and isn't put off my the loud shriek of my 2 year old.

lisapenn said...

That is SOO cute. Brought tears to my eyes. My, my they grow up fast.

BonnieG said...

This is just so precious. Jackson is a special boy and you are a great mother to be in tune and listen to him. And it's great that you're writing this all down. He's going to want to read about it when he's older.

joyj811 said...

That is sooo cute! I really liked Jen-E's story too. I am kind of sad that it isn't more quiet and that people don't hear her two year old because that is too precious. Of all the people to admire, to look to, to be their hero! It's true that kids can make you stop and think and see what really is important (and perhaps other things that are not). Thanks Jen and Shara!

Shannon said...

SO sweet!!! :)

Charity said...

Out of the mouths of babes! How adorable. I am so glad you asked more ?'s so you could find out what J meant. Too cute.

Amy and the boys said...

That is adorable!!

Emily said...

Love it!