Thankful Thursday: April 15, 2010

I canNOT write anything else without saying how thankful I am for YESTERDAY'S SUNSHINE.

We enjoyed the warmest day of the YEAR--so far-- and it was lovely! (75 degrees) J & I played at a park with friends until it was *clearly* nap time. Once J had been de-sanded (aka 2nd bath of the day), he was off to sleepytown and I sat outside (OUTSIDE!) at our patio table (which used to be our kitchen table) with a snack and my D40 owner's manual.

I looked at few things online, read the detailed descriptions, and snapped photos as I discovered new functions and capabilities. Something about a new toy & the sunshine that just makes me giddy.

Which leads me into another thing--I canNOT write anything else without saying how thankful I am for my friend Amy's GENEROSITY. She knew that we were saving our pennies for our first digital SLR & so when she realized that one of hers wasn't useful to her anymore, she gave it to us to practice & learn!

Really, how cool is that?

Speaking of cool...I canNOT write anything else without saying how thankful I am to have the opportunity to spend time with the youth(12-18 yr olds) at Church on a regular basis. Last night we (ahem, THEY) went rock climbing at the local Y. I declined the several offers to scale the walls but was impressed with the range of skill and strength that the boys & girls demonstrated. They had a blast!

I thought about myself at their ages and wondered if I would have been brave enough to try it. In all honesty, probably not--my athletic insecurities would have taken over...which reminds me of how thankful I am to be well beyond the awkwardness of middle school & early HS days...remember those days?


Fun moments, silly heartbreaks, and awkward dramas--ugh. Been there, done that--right? Speaking of heartbreaks--my heartburn has begun to get worse this week. I guess it's par for course, I'm days away from the 6 month mark--which reminds me that I canNOT write anything else without saying how thankful I am for a fairly easy & low key pregnancy and for a fairly easy & low key toddler (who lets me sleep in on a regular basis).

So...without writing anything else...

Anything reminding you of how thankful you are today?


Linda said...

I am thankful to be in the midst of good women. Today we had a luncheon and we took food to the homeless shelter. Humbling. Grateful.

Emily said...

Are you becoming a photog? A fun new hobby or something more serious?
I am thankful for my laptop and my sewing machine and my little darling. And I am thankful that it's not *too* hot. Yet.

Sharalea said...

Em: Trevor & I have always *talked* about having our own photog business someday. We're just playing/hobby-ing for now...we'll see where it goes! At the VERY LEAST, it is alot of fun and something we can both enjoy/explore together--and we'll have great pics of our kids!! :)