Thankful Thursday: June 3, 2010



This month begins here and ends there. That may seem consistent for every month of the year, but this time it's even more geographically true. It is a month of change and growth--everything in this year turns on June's axis (and then turns again around the first week of August...). Reminds me of 'Closing Time' where "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end..."

When times like this present a plate full of change, some of the strongest flavors that we taste are usually bitter ones:

However, if we take another handful from that plate--looking change straight in the face--and watching out for those sweet blessings, we just might find:

It is from that side of the plate o' change that I want to focus on this morning...
'cuz change is here and I've got to eat it up!

I am thankful
-for Mr. H's employment
-for the unexpected and absolutely marvelous YEAR adventure in central Wisconsin
-for friends here and there who have made all the difference
-for family who have prayed and hoped with us
-for the blessing of moving closer to our families
-for the network of automatic friends through our Church family
-for offers to help with J during the craziest days of our move
-for J's easy going personality
-for the delicious homemade cherry pie that was made just for us
-for the hugs of friendship and love that keep me afloat
-for the rain yesterday that soothed my soul
-for opportunities to laugh out loud
-for the squiggly wiggly little guy growing inside (30 1/2 weeks!)
-for the gentle reminders that Heavenly Father is in charge
-for the security that comes from the Plan of Happiness

I am thankful.
And when we are thankful...what happens to those stress-inducing bitter bites?
They melt right away.
Faster than chocolate in your hand.


What Sweet Thankfuls are you serving up today?

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Olive said...

I'm so thankful for my precious family. In some homes, the word family means heartbreak and heartache. In mine, it means heartwarming love. I am thankful for my husband, my Superman! I'm so proud of our daughters, the wonderful men they married, and the beautiful children they have blessed our lives with. I've expressed my gratitutde before for these amazing "kids" but I have to say it again because I just marvel at how we are blessed. Words inadequately express just how thankful I am for my children, my grandchildren, my husband .. THANK YOU, LORD, for My Family!