Thankful Thursday: May 27, 2010

Good Morning, Good Morning...Good Morning To YOU!

I jumped off of my couch-bed (I graciously passed my cold onto Mr. H--he was feverish last night & the couch seemed like a more comfortable option for me...I mean, for HIM of course...) and into the kitchen to whip up a breakfast of champions: egg & cheese on dinner rolls with a vitamin C pill on the side.

I should have made some orange juice to go with it but I was busy making his lunch as well and trying to be a quiet mouse so he wouldn't suspect a thing...SUCCESS, my friends!

Mr. H was definitely surprised (typically, I'm barely speaking that early in the morning) and he's now out the door to go pick some dollars from the money tree.

Er...something like that.

I'm not a morning person but today marks 3 days in a row I've been *up and at 'em* with my man. Reminds me of the olden days when we both were getting ready for work/school at the same time...*sigh*...did you know he would offer to iron my outfit every single morning??

It's true.

I'm SO grateful he is mine.

Annnnd I'm grateful for our latest & greatest exciting next chapter together--which begins in just a few short weeks...more info on that HERE.

I'm grateful for the quick (and inspired, I tell you!) footwork that lead us right to the front door of our soon-to-be new place.

I am grateful for the extras that will be cushioning the stress of the move (I'm talkin' to you, professional movers & packers)

I am grateful for last week's reminders of the beauty of life and loss and the power of pink balloon-celebrated hope.

I am grateful for my most darlingest, newest nephew Mr. B who will be celebrated, cuddled, and adored this weekend. He is pretty much always celebrated, cuddled, & adored--just this weekend lots of extras will be around for it as well. Wish we could've made it.

I am grateful for the adventure of motherhood and the ways I feel myself pushed and pulled to become better. Like taffy. Laffy taffy, even.

I am grateful for a healthy pregnancy (glucose testing yesterday. no call back = everything is good!)

I am grateful for the Wisconsin favorites that I am already starting to know who you are.

Well, you're up.
Whatchya thankful for this mornin'?

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It's Me - Jen E! said...

I am thankful for:
- functioning A/C in these hot days that show no end in sight (guess I shouldn't complain about the heat - but man, it's warm!)
- only 2 weeks of school left for the youngin', I can't wait for this school year to be over.
- the prospect of a new house that we are viewing tonight (though not looking forward to the packing *yuck*)
- more reasons to visit Chicago (thank you, thank you!!)
- news of a July visit to Michigan by Russell and Carrie's been years since we've seen each other (probably as long as it's been since you and I have seen each other ;-{ )