Toddler Tales: Birthday Letter

Dearest J:

Today is your birthday, and you are still asleep. It's 9:00 in the morning--but that's just how cool you are, letting Mama sleep in and have some quiet morning time.

Perhaps you know that I won't be getting much sleep later this summer so you're letting me collect some ZZZ's before your little brother arrives. Whatever the case may be, your sleeping schedule rocks and I thank you for it.

Today we are going to do whatever you want to do (in addition to a few errands on my list), I am hoping for some swinging at the park and some bug watching in the grass. What do you think?

Today you are two years old.
You say the word "two" with excitement--stretching it out as long as those vowels will allow: "teeeeewwww" and I love it!

Today I have been a mother for two full years. Two years of diaper changes, extra laundry piles, and colorful toys decorating my floors.

I cherish the memories of those first months of early morning feedings--just you and me and the sunrise. I remember the day that your eyelashes unfolded and your ears got straightened out (guess you were really tight in that womb, eh?). I learned your cries and how to make you happy. You taught me how to mother a newborn.

I smile as I think about the first time you sat up, your first crawling moves, your first guided steps. Your cautious and curious movements impressed us every time. You taught me how to mother a baby boy.

I look at you now and can't get over it. I am an expert at your vocabulary (Daddy is always asking me to translate), your style, and your mannerisms. You are saying new words and discovering new concepts daily, and I feel beyond blessed to be a part of your world. Most of the time, you are on your best behavior and sometimes you make choices that require a time out. All in all you are taking it in stride. You are teaching me how to mother a toddler.

Today is your birthday, and you are still asleep.

I love you up to the sky.

And more.

Happy 2nd birthday, little prince!


Latisha said...

You're a beautiful mother. This was the sweetest little letter ever! I even called up one of my girlfriends here in Baghdad and shared it with her. Congratulations on your soon to be second addition to your family.

Gina Ballerina said...

Happy Birthday Jackson! I know one day tears will fill your eyes when you read this:-)

Linda said...

I love that! ThankYOU Shara for being MY first teacher, too. You went easy on me, and I appreciate it! What a joy, and now what a boy YOU have!

Emily said...

This I love.