Toddler Tales: Social Side Kick

It's hard to go anywhere under the radar with J--his bright orange* hair attracts attention from grandmothers and teenagers alike. Some people point & comment amongst themselves, others smile and share admiring glances, and then there are the many who stop us along the way to give kind comments and share a red-hair-commentary.

If I'm not in a particularly social mood (it DOES happen, folks--but it is rare), then it can feel a bit annoying to weigh down my shopping visit with random stops with strangers...however, most of the time it makes me smile.

So, our J has been showered with redheaded comments/compliments his entire life...sometimes I wonder how this extra attention changes his perspective on things and his social expectations.

Hypothesis: Perhaps it makes him more comfortable talking to strangers? Since they are always freely looking at/talking to him?

Evidence: These days, pretty much anywhere we go, J has gotten into the routine of sharing a cheerful, energetic "Hi!" to pretty much everyone we pass.

Here's the scenario: we are walking along and he sees someone. He says "hi!". The person has two options--ignore the darling toddler or say 'hi' back. It is quite fascinating to watch people's responses. Some are quick to respond, others try to ignore his cuteness. He is persistent, though--if someone ignores his greeting, he says it again.

And again.

And again--each time, with more enthusiasm & gusto.

At this point only the truly hard-hearted can ignore such a sound--most are broken down to at least a brief smile and a wave.

We continue on and J smiles, content with the world.

He is my social side kick, that's for sure. Whether it is because of his red hair attention or just because his personality naturally craves attention, I don't know.

Either way, it's pretty darn cute. Next time we see you, just TRY not to say 'hi' back!

*I mean really--it IS orange, isn't it??
Why we gotta call it "red"??
That's just confusing a boy learning his colors!!


It's Me - Jen E! said...

I love Jackson's orange hair. And I would definitely say hi to him.

Will also enjoys saying hi to everyone we pass at the store. We also get the same response - either a long conversation ensues or we get nothing.

Seriously - how can people ignore such adorable little boys?!?!

Shannon said...

So hilarious. It'll be so neat to see what baby boy #2 looks like. :)